The American Way Of Life During The 1950s Essays

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Upon the climax of World War II, the United States of America experienced an unanticipated frugality in population growth which has socially shaped and economically landscaped the entire nation. The portrayal of the American way of life during the 1950s was shown as a time of development, prosperity and protestation. These three aspects were the depicted because the nation was increasingly booming in population rates, advancing in technology and an uproar of declaration for the excluded rights of minority Americans. The increase of birth rates was caused by the significant amount of returning soldiers from World War I. This historical time period known as the baby boom era changed the way every American lived to date. Though this time-period was sparked during the 1940s, its peak was seen through the ‘50s. Though time has progressed into the 2000s the presence of the baby boom era is still felt in different aspects of American productions and traditions. In the 1950s, manufacturers of baby products reaped huge profits due to the exceptionally high demand. Baby food, furniture, and toys were flying off store shelves at a record pace. Home construction saw unprecedented growth, as new and growing families sought better living conditions. New schools were required to accommodate swelling enrollments, which in turn led to a record number of new teaching positions. The increase of child birth rates and significant number of soldiers returning played a massive part in the rapid…

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