The American Space Program Alone Essay

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The American space program alone has developed countless technologies that have improved and saved lives. NASA has had over one thousand successful spin-offs that include: Lasik surgery, Tempurfoam, improved kidney dialysis and water purification systems, sensors to test for hazardous gases, energy-saving building materials, and fire-resistant fabrics. When the Hubble telescope was launched in 1990, a flaw in the design of its optics produced blurry images. Three years later NASA was able to install corrective lenses and fix the flaw. During the meantime, astrophysicists at Baltimore 's Space Telescope Science Institute realized the hazy images Hubble created were similar to the ones doctors produced when using mammograms. The medical researchers at the Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center used the Hubble design to improve mammograms; significantly impacting the detection of breast cancer.
Since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution it has been evident that scientific and technological innovations are the engines of economic growth. The benefits of modern weather and communication satellites, more efficient fuel cells, and great advances in avionics cannot be accurately counted, but just one of these spin-offs, our global communication satellite network, has generated a far greater return than all the money ever invested in the space program (Peregrine, 2012). The next generation of human space flight programs will lead to innovations that will improve our economy by…

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