The American Revolution : The United States Essay

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Before the United States was the United States, America had to gain its independence from Great Britain. They did this through the American Revolution. America was deeply divided on the issue of whether or not America should cut ties with its mother country and become its own nation or if it should reconcile and try again under Great Britain’s rule. The American Revolution greatly impacted colonists and slaves in extremely different ways. Colonists had everything to gain by winning the war but sometimes at a cost to their lives but slaves were no better off if America won. The colonists were gaining their freedom form an oppressive ruler if they succeeded but slaves only had their chance at freedom if they fled to the British. Thomas Paine, and many other like-minded colonists, believed that the idea of a king was not only against common sense but against God himself. The very idea of a monarchy cannot be explained through either sensible or godly means. The most important principle of America was that all men were created equal so the idea of only certain men being divinely created to rule over all others was inherently against everything the colonists believed in (“Reading the American Past” 120). Worshipping an earthly man as their ruler also went against their scriptures because, as Paine stated, “… monarchy in every instance is the Popery of government” (“Reading the American Past” 120). Paine also believed that how American proceeded in the issue of its freedom was…

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