Essay about The American Revolution And The French Revolution

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The 1800’s was a time period when Europe and other countries were adjusting to the transformations of the movements occurring globally. The Latin American Independence movement had impact on the European movements. The French Revolution was one of the European crusades that had a major effect on the people of Latin America. The time period from 1806-1825 is known as the independence era. Many colonies yearned for their freedom from their mother country. Research will demonstrate the importance of why this period molded our world.
The Latin American colonies had native born citizens known as creoles and citizens who came over from Europe, the peninsulares. The administrative positions were given to the men who came over from Europe and the creoles felt this was unfair. It made the native born citizens upset with the Europeans. The Latin Americans were aware of the results of the American Revolution and the French Revolution. They were becoming interested in overthrowing there leadership and becoming a democratic society. Some people were afraid that if they revolted against Spain and had problems Spain would no longer help them out. When the Spanish military became tied up with other matters the creoles felt completely ignored. (
The large Spanish New World Empire produced many natural resources, including coffee, cacao, textiles, wine, and minerals. Spain did not allow the colonies to trade with…

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