The American Republic Essay

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All form of the American Republic are different for each president of the United States of America with the social, economic and law changes, that were caused by different issues. Each society was unlike and different from another. Yet American republic had some parts that were different when under Jackson presidency compare when it was under Jefferson presidency. The democratic republican would “appeal to farmers and planters, its idea of government was decentralized stats right and strict construction and its domestic policy opposed national bank, tariff should be low and opposed alien and sedition acts, for Foreign policy supported French revolution opposed war with France” (Republic and democracy, September 25, 2015)
Thomas Jefferson was the first democratic- republican from 1801 to 1809. That was also the “new political culture earned the name Jeffersonian Democracy” (Schultz, 2014, p 153). Jefferson thought “the government was going down a very bad path under the federalists… thought he’d saved it… believed the federalist had put too much power in the central government” (The Presidents, 2005). He wanted to not have all or too much power in the central government like the federalist did. Jefferson also had domestic politics that would focused in “The size of government… navigating the development of the first national court system… and expanding what he saw as the agrarian republic” (Schultz, 2014, p.154) Like before, he had made the size of government different from…

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