The American Of The United States Essay

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Federal Holidays bring about joy because it means no school or a 3 day weekend, but controversy lies under some of them. Columbus was an explorer who sailed from Spain in 1492 and has been largely credited as being the person who “discovered” the Americas. He landed on the island of modern day Haiti and Dominican Republic and set about conquering lands. His Holiday is constantly under controversy from the way he treated the Indians to claim that he didn’t actually discover the Americas. Although Christopher Columbus wiped out Indigenous people and did things such as hunting, exploiting, and raping them, he did westernize America, create a trade network with Europe, and influence how North America would be colonized. That is why it is important to keep celebrating and recognizing the good that Columbus did when he linked the Americas to Europe. Columbus Day does not celebrate the genocide, he committed, but rather the reason the US was colonized that led to the formation of the United States. Furthermore, instead of focusing so much on Columbus, we could take the opportunity to learn about the Indigenous peoples, their struggles, and their cultures

Columbus brought ideas with him from Europe that would forever change the way of the Indigenous peoples of the Americas and ultimately westernizing the society. The people that came to the Americas with Columbus and after, brought with them new Ideas. These Ideas revolved around religion and ideas sparked by the…

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