The American Of The United States Essay

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Hence, symptoms of this transformation, being the wars with Mexico stemmed from the need to accumulate more land, to celebrate heroes, and to prove the nation 's power by military superiority. North American aggression, displayed how European peoples acquired what is today the Southwest. The North American invasions of Mexico are equated with the forging of European empires in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. The urge to expand, in the case of the United States, was not based on the need for land because the Louisiana Purchase, central Illinois, southern Georgia, and West Virginia layed vacant. Rather, the motive was monetary profit and the wars proved profitable, with the Euro American nation seizing over half of Mexico.
North Americans fought the Texas War that U.S. dollars financed. Additionally, U.S. arms were used on Mexican soil, and Euroamericans almost exclusively profited from it. President Andrew Jackson approved of the war and ignored North American neutrality laws. The Republic held Texas in trusteeship until 1844, when the United States annexed it. This act amounted to a declaration of war on Mexico. When Mexico responded by breaking diplomatic relations, the North Americans used this excuse to manufacture the war. Many North Americans questioned the morality of the war but stood behind their government because it was their country. The United Sates leaders viewed the forcible incorporation of almost one- half of Mexico 's national territory as an event…

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