The American Of The Civil War Essay

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America in the mid 18th century experienced countless controversy over a variety of political, religious, and moral ideals. The arguments of slavery itself remained a sensitive topic throughout the Jacksonian era and continued to evoke strong emotions of Americans throughout the civil war. Following the Indian Removal Act set in place by Jackson, an idea of conquest swept through the states, this was known as Manifest Destiny. The newly independent Republic of Mexico held that territory, yet President James K. Polk, a democratic and pro-expansionist, held nothing back in respect to claiming that territory for the United States. Positioning troops to various strongholds around the unidentified territory led by military General Zachary Taylor, Polk had a checkmate on the already unstable Mexican Republic. The notion of war with Mexico was a highly disputed argument amongst many Americans, those who were pro-war and pro-slavery expansion, and those who feared the expansion of slavery. Many anti-war parties, and big name politicians provide countless arguments on the critiques of the Mexican War and the betterment of the American people. These arguments in the mid-18th century surrounding the Mexican War provide insight to the future debates that led to the secession of states and eventually, the Civil War. As president James K. Polk took presidency in 1845, he made the acquisition of California known as a proposition he intended to complete while in office. He was known as a…

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