The American Ministry And Perspective On Global Perspective Essay

1409 Words Jan 31st, 2016 6 Pages
Samuel Escobar writes that the twenty-first century is of global Christianity. Christianity is global. Escobar is a Latin American, he explore the role of the Church in the global, world. He also emphasize on the secular world and how Christian should globalize the mission, through a various of essays about missiology approach and evangelical missiology. In his thesis he write about the American ministry and perspective on global perspective. This paper will discuss Escobar approach in comparison and contrast example Holy Spirit and the Bible and some of the theologians such as Barth etc. And about Escobar’s overall theological contribution of perspective of two theologians. Finally, this paper will deliberate on cultural diverse ministries. Escobar emphasize on the mission and the cultural change in Latin America and western religion from how Christianity has been displace in society. Christian mission has become world wide rather than a Western matter. Missionary work has been a Latin America, Africa and some parts of Asia it is now being eclipsing. Since the third millennium it has become global in the Christians era. Escobar believes that all Christian should do the work of missionary in order to get the word of God throughout the world. He has noticed that the post- Christian world, Escobar has found interest in all kinds of religion, and those that existed before Christian missionaries. The new movement is call postmodernity. Modern theologian has a certain…

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