The American High School Is Obsolete And Should Be Abolished Essay

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First, Let Teenagers Have a Fair Shot at Adolescence

Across the hypercritical and interconnected global society that exists today, a multitude of notions and opinions constantly stream from every source imaginable; however, Leon Botstein’s analysis of education in America stands out among the most profound. Bluntly writing in a piece entitled Let Teenagers Try Adulthood, Botstein proposes, “the American high school is obsolete and should be abolished” (153). This provocative nature of Botstein’s writing leads to polarized views of the education system that could ultimately result in alienation of individuals or groups with more moderate views. That is not to say Botstein lacks valid points. Though some of Leon Botstein’s arguments for reform are not feasible in today’s education system, his critique is, by and large, accurate, and large-scale solutions to the problems he addresses could effect sweeping improvements in the way students are taught.

Botstein sets forth an incredible proposition that would grab the attention of any high school junior. The idea of graduating from high school at age eighteen needs to be scrapped, Botstein opines; he instead favors a graduation age of sixteen. He cites the fact that the average age of first menstruation in females has dropped since 1900, and that the average age for initiation of sexual activity has declined in turn (154). Botstein, therefore, is essentially arguing for early graduation based on physical maturity. That being…

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