Essay The American Fur Company

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Chapter 2 Case Study: The American Fur Company

1. How would you evaluate Astor in terms of his motive, his managerial ability, and his ethics? What lesson does his career teach about the relationship between virtue and success?
Astor seems as though he wanted to make a better life for himself because he grew up very poor, but didn’t want to be in the same business as his father so he ventured out to make a better living for himself. Therefore, I believe Astor’s motive is greed. He was doing what any businessman would and that is to make money. He didn’t care about the consequences or what it would do to other people in his path. He seems as though he has the need for power and control.
His managerial ability is based on many different
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Other things that caused a negative impact on the fur trade was that alcohol was prohibited in all Indian reservations, new products drove the fur industry downhill, such as new leather hats. Historical forces that implicated in these changes could be globalization, inequality, chance and nation state.
3. What were the impacts of the fur trade on society that is, economic, cultural, technological, natural, governmental, legal, and internal?
Economically—the furs were light enough to transport using different forms of transportation such as mules, barges and ships to eastern ports then to Europe. This increased the profits due to not spending as much on transportation.
Governmentally—the government had no proof of Astor ever trading or bargaining with alcohol and buying the furs in large quantities offered him an opportunity to lower the price of it.
In nature—basically mountain life had been wiped out by man due to the constant need to find more fur to keep companies, such as American Fur, afloat.
Legally—the government failed to regulate the trade of fur and fur trade was beloved by Washing and Jefferson. Technologically—introduction of the first keelboat and then the steamboat on the Missouri River. Internally—the internal environment of the American Fur Company was dominated by Astor whereas other fur companies were operated by proprietors or

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