The American Dream : William Shakespeare 's Bull And Sarah Wells

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What does it say about you that when you arrive at a family reunion, people tell you that you are “full of bull” and you actually are? It says that you came from the Bull Family in New York State. The family’s founders William Bull and Sarah Wells created a family that spans ten generations today. Their descendants helped to shape the American Dream. Like many of William and Sarah’s descendants today, they each have to face the struggle of achieving greatness here in America. When Jean Kwok, author of Girl In Translation, immigrated to the United States, her family faced the struggle to achieve the American Dream. She was able to achieve the American Dream by attending Harvard and becoming a successful writer. William Bull, Sarah Wells, my great- grandmother; Leah Ward-Paulson, my grandfather; Charles Edward “Ned” Paulson, and my grandmother; Mary Ellen Paulson were able to achieve their own American Dream and create a better life for their families.
William Bull was born in England in the late 1600s. He came from a rich family but he was an outcast. William Bull decided to leave England for a better life in America. He took part of his inheritance and arrived in America in the early 1700s. He settled near New York City. A few years later, he met a serving girl named Sarah Wells and the two fell in love. Sarah Wells also came from England in the early 1700s and she was the first person to settle in what today is called Orange County, New York. The two of them were married on…

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