The American Dream Is The Hope For A Better Future For Our Children

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The American Dream is the hope for a better future for our children. As parents, we never want our children to go through the struggles that we have faced in our lives, we want our children to be educated and have full, prosperous lives. The American Dream to me covers many freedoms. I am free to do and say, for the most part, whatever I want. I am free to go to school; as a woman in America, I am able to have educational equality. I am free to work. I do not have to live a restricted life as so many women do in other countries. Let us look into the lives of an African American family in the 1950’s that is displayed in the play, A Raisin in the Sun, written by Lorraine Hansberry. The Younger family has been living in their incredibly small apartment together for years. The furnishings of the Younger’s home are worn and outdated. Their primary feature now is that they have clearly had to accommodate the living of too many people for too many years (Abcarian 609-610). In the small apartment are five members of the Younger family, Lena (Mama), Walter, Ruth, Beneatha, and Travis. Mama’s husband Walter Sr. has died and the family is expecting an insurance check. Each member of the Younger family has different ideas and dreams that they hope to accomplish with the insurance money. Mama has decided that she is going to buy a home, in a white neighborhood, and there has been backlash from both her family, as well as the white community she bought the home in. The play ends…

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