The American Dream By Frank Luntz And Ron Dermer Essay example

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For centuries, America has been considered the land of freedom. Ergo, anyone in pursuit of a life better than the one that they were born into could find it on the American soil. If one possessed the ambition to succeed, they could aspire to be whoever, or whatever, they wish. That is the epitome of the American dream. However, as our country has evolved, so has the perception of the beloved dream. According to Frank Luntz and Ron Dermer’s article, A Farewell to the American Dream, “66% [of baby boomers] thought that the next generation’s standard of living would be worse… than [theirs].” This belief challenges the idea that one could rise above the status from which they came. For early America, if one worked hard, they were successful. However, success nowadays is determined by one’s social class, level of education, and monetary achievements. The idea of the American dream prevalent a hundred years ago is not the same idea that exists today. In President Roosevelt’s speech, Address on the Occasion of the Fifteenth Anniversary of the Statue of Liberty, he reveals why America was desirable to other countries. There has never been talk about “a British… German… or French dream,” therefore, others’ view of America was one of greatness (Luntz and Dermer), a place where their freedoms were “safer, richer, and more capable of growth” (FDR). The fact of the matter is, the mindset of America has changed. At the time of this speech, the American dream was an ambition that the…

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