Essay The American Criminal Justice System

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From the time we are kids we are told that the justice system is there to protect us and maintain justice, but what happens when it doesn’t do that? For most people there is a need for a justice system to keep the public safe and things are kept fair, but through certain circumstances arising from criminal justice processes safety and security can be compromised. The criminal justice system is meant to maintain public safety and justice by fairly punishing people for breaking the law, sometimes through incarceration. In today’s state, the American criminal justice system is excessive and inefficient in the way it treats criminals. It can be treated by reducing excessive incarceration practices, getting rid of unfair punishments, and using money allocated towards the system more efficiently. When the criminal justice system treats criminals, it often adds unnecessary and unjust punishments. Imprisonment is prescribed to many social problems which “are not addressed by incarceration” (Andrade) which creates unnecessary costs and problems for both the state and the criminals it punishes. There are many instances of inappropriate use of incarceration and punishing people without fully convicting them. One example is the perp walk, which is a “public humiliation of wrongdoers that the law … is designed to prevent (Daniels). The perp walk punishes people without convicting them goes against the whole purpose of the justice system which is to maintain justice. A personal example…

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