The American Civil War Essay

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After the end of the American Civil War, the three reforms, consisting of the Homestead Act; Pacific Railway Act; and the Land-Grant Act, began to take affect strongly throughout the nation. Along with these acts came with the Industrial Revolution that took root throughout the nation, propelling the U.S. to the world stage with Great Britain, France, and the North German Confederation. With this rapid development in technology came the demand for cheap labor to operate it, and impoverished populations of unstable countries in Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean, and Ireland became enthralled by the prospect of a better life offered in the U.S., hoping to provide for their families, and accepted the opportunity to fill the void in the American workforce. However, some areas saw more immigration than others, making for a large array of a demographic. The patterns seen in Map 19.2 can be best explained by the opportunities offered in various areas and overall sense of belonging that stuck with many immigrants.
The Industrial Revolution fueled astonishing growth for the economy of the United States, creating a strong middle-class in its wake. This became a major “pull” factor for many prospective U.S. citizens, as many often lived in politically unstable and poor regions of Europe and wished for a better life. As a result, as many as 25 million immigrants flooded into the U.S. from 1850 to 1930, many of whom were of Slavic descent. Many of these newcomers flooded into urban…

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