Essay on The American Civil War Of The United States

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At the foundations of the United States, significant tensions resided as to the direction of the new found country. Some proponents advocated for the expansion of federal powers while opponents argued that state rights were essential to the direction of the Union. As the nation aged these tensions would only begin to grow into sectionalism. The states of the south valued states rights while many in the north valued federalism. Additionally, the South would become a strong proponent of slavery while the rest of the world moved away from the practice. The North joined powers such as Britain and France who advocated against the practice of slavery, however the South would not let go of such a tradition without a fight. Slavery in the southern states had become a part of everyday life due to agrarian needs thus eliminating the practice would cripple much of the southern economy. These various conflicts between Northern and Southern interest would continually clash until it reached a breaking point in the 1860s, largely catalyzed by the election of Abraham Lincoln. When looking at the American Civil War many willingly accept the reasons of Southern succession as ethically just though the morality behind the issue is much more nuanced than what it appears on the surface. The South was justified in succeeding from the Union due to reasons such as the limitation of slavery as well as the infringement of states rights, however, the South ethically faltered in its overreaction to the…

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