The American Civil War : A Nation Freedom, Democracy, And Equality

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The United States of America was founded as a nation freedom, democracy, and equality would reign. “Every man is created equal” proclaimed the Declaration of Independence in 1776. The promise was made that the people of the new nation would have the inalienable right to choose their own leaders in free and fair democratic elections. Nevertheless, this right only truly applied to wealthy white men at the inception of this country. As enslaved people, African Americans had no rights for nearly a century. Even after they threw off their chains, however, voting was not immediately granted to them. Like with all the rights they have come to acquire, they had to fight. This fight persists as blacks and other people of color continue to face voter disenfranchisement based on their race all around the nation. The American Civil War culminated with the Union defeating the Confederacy and subsequently forcing it to gradually end its system of white supremacy. It began by emancipating the people enslaved by the South, and passing the Fourteenth Amendment to compel all states to provide protection under the law to all citizens including the recently liberated African Americans. However, black people had to wait longer to receive enfranchisement. Rather than out of kindness towards blacks, it was the “advancement of the Republican cause in the South encouraged the Radical Republicans to push black suffrage.” The Republican Party understood that it needed backing from the hypothetical…

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