The Amazing Qualities Of Harper Lee 's Chapter Seven Essay

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Suspenseful. Thrilling. Mysterious. Those are just some of the amazing qualities of Harper Lee’s work in chapter seven. I think Harper Lee wrote chapter seven in To Kill a Mockingbird to make people think about who the Radley’s could be. After reading chapter seven, I had to think about the events that occurred during that chapter and how they would impact the characters and the rest of the book. Lee wrote the chapter to also create suspense. When I read that Jem’s pants were sewn up, I felt a chill down my spine. Then, just a few pages later, I discovered that someone was leaving Jem and Scout gifts in the tree. Those two events created suspense and now I’m looking forward to seeing how it all plays out. Another reason Lee wrote chapter seven, is to develop Boo and Nathan’s characters. Up to chapter seven, we knew the history of the Radley’s. After reading chapter seven though, I know that Boo isn’t crazy or insane because he put the gifts in the tree. He was trying to reach out to Jem and Scout and connect with them. Arthur, on the other hand, is for some reason trying to cut off the connection Boo is attempting to make with the Finches.’ In just one chapter, we figure out that Arthur Radley isn’t the person we thought he was. Finally, Lee’s last purpose in writing this chapter was to show that Atticus does not know everything. On the last page of the chapter, Jem asks Atticus if the tree that Arthur closed up is dying. Atticus replies with one answer but after Jem…

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