Essay on The Amazing Laboratory And Study Bacterial Infection

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The marvelous laboratory manner to study bacterial infection by cytotoxicity assay

Bacteria are one of the most diverse living organisms, which enable adapted to a great variety of environments including the human body(1). As we know, the Scientists are classified the bacteria to two classes: non- pathogenic bacteria or commensal organisms and pathogenic bacteria. Researchers are predominantly shed light on pathogenic bacteria due to these bacteria use a number of different virulence mechanisms that allow them to overcome the many different defensive lines of immune system in the host. Additionally, the bacterial virulence is a multifactorial process that requires the use of a variety of components, many of which are coordinately regulated to allow the organism to adapt to the host environment and become successful pathogens (Pizarro-Cerda and Cossart, 2006)(1). One of a major virulence component that secreted from the bacteria during infection or adherence in order to killing the host cells is toxins or cytotoxins. Several pathogenic bacteria will produce various kinds of extracellular toxins, which required utilizing different types of cytotoxicity assay. A cytotoxicity assay protocol is an impotent manner using to measure the ability of a specific bacteria strain to cause the cell death, and detect the virulence of various pathogenic bacteria, and allow to study the type of toxins their produce. This technique is very important because it helps to control disease, and…

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