The Allegory Of The Cave Essay examples

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In the Republic Plato creates a scene where one escapes a cave, travels to the sufferance and begins to see new things; that person would then go back down to the cave and explain all he had seen to those who still remained in the cave. This allegory was meant to depict the process of acquiring knowledge, however. Through the concept of first principle one can claim that true knowledge would be impossible to achieve; to this Socrates might respond that we can come to the truth with first principle and thus know truth with our own reasoning. It would then be a simple claim that through human reasoning, knowledge a priori could be understood. The allegory of the cave is a classic Platonic script written to illustrate one’s journey in finding knowledge and also the responsibility they inherit. The stages of the cave first begin with
“human beings living in an underground, cavelike dwelling…which is both open to the light… They’ve been there since childhood, fixed in the same place… able to see only in front of them… Light is provided by a fire burning far above and stretching between them and the fire. Imagine that along this path a low wall has been built, like the scree in front of puppeteers” (Republic VII 514a-514b).

This passage is depicting most if not all people in a state of ignorance, that is we are all inside a cave where there is no light around us and all we see are puppet like images dancing before us. What this translates to is that the darkness is our lack of…

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