The Alchemist Reflection

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The Alchemist is a very exciting novel, through the adventures that the main character has surpassed; we can say that it shows excitement. It also shows optimism, that we can do all the things that we’ve wanted if we really desire of it. It teaches us that everything we need to know, we learned it through our own journey.

The novel is all about a boy named Santiago who desire to interpret his dreams about the Egyptian Pyramids. He wanted to know what does really a Personal Legend means. Through his journey of finding the treasure he was able to meet, a gypsy woman who interpreted his dream, an old man who claim to be the King of Salem, the merchant who used to be a Muslim, Fatima who became his inspiration, an Englishman who help him find the alchemist, and the alchemist who have shown to him how to turn lead into gold, and the one who accompanied him in finding the treasures.

This novel helps us to know that we can achieve the true happiness in life if we are able to follow our Personal Legend. A person who doesn’t want to pursue his dreams or his personal calling is also a person who disobeys the will of God. By reading it also, we can feel some romance between the main character and his twin soul. It says that love is the foundation of existence and of all
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“My Favorite Best Scene”

-When Santiago was still in the abandoned Church at Andalusia taking care of the flock of sheep.

The Alchemist

-I chose that scene because I find it very simple. Santiago is taking up his sheep and playing with them. Also the story ended that the real treasure was at the abandoned Church. It simply says that where our heart is there is our treasure also. And looking at the picture I can find peace.

VII. Valuing

The value that I learned from the novel is that we need to fulfill our personal legend in life or simply God’s calling to us. Also through our own journeys we gain knowledge and meet some people who will become parts of our own life. I realized that we should really strive for our dreams, and by doing it we may become successful in the path that we chose to pursue.

To follow our dreams means that we are looking for the real happiness in life. The novel says the where our hearts is, there is our treasure also. Whatever we want to become in life, we can do it, through the help of our own self, by others and especially through the grace of God. We should not find the meaning of our own life, but instead we should give meaning to

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