The Alamo Analysis

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This movie begins in March 1836 in the Mexican State of Coahuila y Tejas. The film then flashes back to a year earlier. Sam Houston attends a party where he tries to persuade people to migrate to Texas. He meets with David Crockett, recently defeated for reelection to Congress. Houston explains to Crockett that if he migrates to Texas he will receive 640 acres of his own choosing. After this the Texas government holds a meeting to figure out what to do about the recent capture by the Texans of the Alamo from Mexican forces. All of this is set off by Texas rebelling from Mexico and its dictator Santa Ana, who is leading the Mexican army himself. The Texan War Party wants to cross into Mexico and confront the Mexican army. The other party wants …show more content…
Surprising the Texas fighters who where not expecting them until the spring. The Texan fighters return to the Alamo to their best to try to reinforce it before it is too late. Santa Ana’s army then surrounds the Alamo and the standoff begins. An attempt is made to try to call it a truce only to be disrupted by Col. Travis’s order to fire the cannon into the enemy. Days of fighting off and on go by while there is no sign of any reinforcements showing up. Col. Travis tells this to the people at the Alamo and says they can leave with the white flag but says he will stand at the Alamo and fight until his death. In the middle of the night Santa Ana’s army sneaks up the the base. Crockett wakes up from his sleep and sees them coming. He fires a shot into the crowd and thats when everyone is awaken and the battle begins. Being extremely out numbered the Mexican army is easily taken over. The last one left is David Crockett when it is all over who is taken prisoner and is executed. Houston soon gets wind of the defeat at the Alamo and is back in charge. He orders an retreat eastward and after a few weeks halts and decides to face off one last time with Santa Ana. Houston and his army catch Santa Ana’s off guard. Santa Ana is captured and gives his life and

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