The Age Of The Internet Personal Liberty Essay

749 Words Sep 23rd, 2016 3 Pages
In the age of the Internet personal liberty in speech and thought needs to be left with as little amount of censoring as possible. We see this increased call for censorship because as a society, you see a greater intolerance for truths that go against other people’s beliefs. Like John Stuart Mill, I believe that by maximizing personal liberty of speech we will create a greater society because we will all be free to discuss our views and hear the ones against us to further develop ideas and information. There is not a definite opinion. Truths change on a daily basis because new arguments can be found at any given time. In his book Mill says, “To refuse a hearing to an opinion.. is to assume their certainty is the same thing as absolute certainty.” (Mill page 23) We can’t just assume we are right, because it is not possible to prove with one hundred percent certainty that our opinion is correct if we do not at least discuss it with other people who either agree or disagree with that opinion. People want to know that everything is being disputed so they do not feel like they are being forced into a specific belief. Society should not try and shelter people from the truth. If we create a censorship around unpopular beliefs then we create a generation who are unprepared for the world around them. For example Universities have a list of censored words in order to make a less insensitive environment. What is really happening though, is by not discussing the censored words we…

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