The Age Of The Ancients Essay

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In the age of the Ancients, a sun rises over a vast civilization, found in the lower Nile Valley. Its geography consists of a rugged, unfertile desert, with glimpses of green, which grace either side of the Nile river. This location harbored a civilization, a third dynasty, which changed the course of history through its many technological advancements in mathematics, astronomy, and medicine. Djoser, the first king of the “Old kingdom,” headed these technological advancements sometime between 2691 and 2625 BC by commencing the construction of the first pyramids, the step pyramid (Fichner-Rathus). This can be contributed to Djoser’s obsession with the afterlife and his need to leave an everlasting mark on history.
Due to this Djoser, set the framework for his decedents and urged them onward. This ushers us to Egypt’s fourth dynasty, a golden age of prosperity and peace which sheltered brilliant advancements in cultural and artistic pursuits. These pursuits came in a variety of different ways, such as; “sculpted figures, ivory carvings, pottery, and slate palettes used to make eye makeup” (Fichner-Rathus). However, within this essay we will focus solely on Egyptian sculpture, more specifically two specific sculptures within the Old Kingdom, the “Statue of Khafre,” and “Mycerinus and his Queen.”
The fourth dynasty is termed by historians as “the golden age (The American Historical Society ).” This is due to the lack of serious threats from abroad. With little threat from…

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