Middle Kingdom Queen Analysis

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Explanation of a Middle Kingdom Queen
This statuette from the Middle Kingdom of ancient Egypt shows a queen. It is made of deep green schist. It is dated to the end of Dynasty 12 and the beginning of Dynasty 13 due to the style of the artist and the clothing of the queen. The small statuette is 16.3 cm in height, 11 cm in width, and 7.5 cm in length. This piece was excavated by Nicolas Koutoulakis, funded purchased by The Roger Fund in 1965. It is in mediocre condition, with damages on the face and lower body missing.
From a profile view, there are some spots on the cloak that shows damage. From the back of the statuette, one can conclude that this piece was broken from a bigger work. On the center of the back of the statuette, there is a
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There is the uraeus cobra in the center of her wig. The image of the snake is damaged, but one can still identify it as the symbol of royalty. The wig has visible horizontal striations, most likely to depict the texture of the hair. The wig is a rounded shape that ends at the woman’s shoulders. Her ears are also clearly visible with the wig is tucked behind them. The ears look disproportionately larger than average. Viewed from the top, the wig shows two engraved vultures. Their wings spread out and form a circular band around her head. The vultures’ heads are turned to face one another. Most of her face is damaged. The only remaining parts that were preserved is the left eye, eyebrow and …show more content…
The reason behind this is because both statutes are pieces of art that at that time period everyone would recognize. In addition, since the woman featured are of royal standing, it is no surprise that the statues were made in their honor.
There are many varying reasons behind the construction of these statues. Because they were royalty, a statue dedicated for them would last forever and solidify their place in history. Egyptians also believed that kings and queens were sent from the gods. Furthermore, it allows the subjects to worship them and remember them.
It appears that both artists used similar techniques. Aside from the different clothing that both royal women are wearing, the overall piece itself look very similar to each other. That is how one can tell they come from around the same dynasties. The goal of the artists was to portray the beauty and power of a royal woman and it was achieved for future generations to

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