The Age of Manifest Destiny Is, at Its Heart, an Age of Expansion--or Rather, an Age of Many Expansions. Examine the Interplay of Three of These Expansions: the Expansion of Slavery, the Expansion of the Market Economy,

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The age of Manifest Destiny is, at its heart, an age of expansion--or rather, an age of many expansions. Examine the interplay of three of these expansions: the expansion of slavery, the expansion of the market economy, and geographic expansion of the nation. How did these three expansions reinforce and feed off of each other? How did they bring the nation to what William Henry Seward referred to as the brink of an "Irrepressible Conflict" by 1858?
As America was growing, at a vast rate that might have been one of the side effects of expansion and it looking forward for room to expand. American believed that it was their God given choice or right to
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Gaining these states helped to achieve Manifest Destiny, people used trails west route to travel to western parts. Manifest Destiny was achieved because the trails helped people to travel to expand the country (Taylor, 2005).
People explore the factors that facilitated the transition between a local market economy and a national market economy; they discuss the consequences of economic change upon American society. They gradually discuss changes in the national political climate and the ways such political changes were directly related to national economic changes along with this they carry to explore the presidency of Andrew Jackson and understand how it changed American politics (Taylor, 2005). And they examine the early reform movements designed to deal with the political, economic, and social consequences of Manifest Destiny.
As leaders tried to build United States as a strong nation, the conflict or collision of laws regarding growth and expansion occurred. According to William Henry Seward, as the nation was being strengthened the system of the United States went into a collision which was called the “Irrepressible Conflict” of 1858 in which the political systems of the united states were in conflict. There were two political systems. One was based on laws regarding slavery and the other was based on laws concerning free labor (Taylor, 2005). The issue was that if these two systems were not managed along with the expansion

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