The Age Of 10 I Learn How You Cook And Change Dipper Essay

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At a the age of 10 I learn how to cook and change dipper. During this time my dad lost his job he would go out every day looking for a job. At the same time, my mom had two jobs. While I stay home taking care of myself and siblings. After school I would pick up my little sister from daycare. Then I would arriving home and make dinner with whatever I found in the refriger. At around my little brother would get home and he would entertain my sister while I set up the table and make sure everything was ready for dinner. Both my parent would come home, eat and leave for work again. My siblings would stay with me, my brother would do his homework while I pick up the little mess we had in the tiny apartment. Then when he was finish with his homework he would entertained, the baby while I did my some of my homework. After an hour I would send him to bed. Around 10pm I would give my sister a shower and put her to bed. After my sister fell asleep I would finish my homework and I would also go to sleep with her. I would not see if my parent until the next morning.
Two year after, my mom also lost her job. Which forced the five of us to share a three room apartment with my uncle and his family of eight. We moved from a tiny apart to a tiny room. To pay the first rent we sold some of the stuff only keeping one bed and a couch. The situation made my mom and dad to go out trying to find a job out on the street. Neither of them had a high school diploma at that time which harder…

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