Essay on The Age For Voting And Drinking

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There has been a long lasting debate about when an individual is considered responsible. Whether regarding driving or drinking or voting or serving in the military, the differing restrictions based on a birthday have sent mixed-messages to teenagers and young adults about when the world considers them responsible. The debate has normally been between the ages of 16, 18, and 21, which are the standard milestone birthdays that grant individuals with certain privileges, with recent introductions of the age of 25. Overall, the age for adulthood, despite its variances by the rights, rites, and one’s situation, should be 21 for voting and drinking because it represents a compromise between a young adult’s desires, development, and capability, and should stay at the current age for driving and military.
The age of 21 is suited for an age of responsibility due to the development, maturity, and experience accumulated by an individual by that point. Regarding the voting age, Glenn Reynolds of the Huffington Post stated, “To be a voter, one must be able to participate in adult political discussions. It’s necessary to be able to listen to opposing arguments and even ... to change your mind in response to new evidence.” By 18, most young adults have not experienced how various political decisions will affect them socially and economically, while at 21, they will have exposure to current policies’ effects on their lives and will be able to effectively vote on government positions. An…

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