The African American Crisis : The Strife Of The Double Consciousness

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The African American Crisis

The strife of the double-consciousness is still strongly understood and felt today I 've had my own experiences but I won 't allow that to change me. As a African American it 's easy to understand what Du Bois means by the destruction of a culture. Du Bois was a very influential person of his time and still is today. He empowered black people to the best of his ability. His views and knowledge were ahead of his time and difficult for not only his people but also other races to understand. He realized at a very young age what he would occur for him, but he made the decision to embrace it. He did not let it affect him, but instead he used it as his muse to do better. Unfortunately, not many of his peers had the take on this issue. Many can relate to the strife of a double-consciousness, just for being different in a way that can 't be controlled. The strongest example is the attempt to "purify" the portion of the African race that was enslaved in America. They complete "defiled" and treated not as humans but as property. This occurred for about 245 years, which is 5 generations. After 5 generations there 's nothing left to the culture, it 's stained. It had been completely destroyed at that point. But African Americans still strived and fought for equality afterward. This is where the double-consciousness comes from after all that time they still held on to a since of self. For W.E.B its his Negro side and his American side he refers…

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