The Aeneid By The Roman Empire Essay

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Often it is said that Rome was not built in one day, this has become a very commonly used idiom that emphasizes that great achievements do not come easily. The common life goal we usually have as a society is ultimately achieve success, having a set goal and being able to accomplish it. However some fail to realize the essentials to success which are determination, patience and hard work, thus one must always keep in mind that great achievement comes with great cost. The Aeneid by Virgil is an epic poem written during the Golden Age of Roman that follows the story of how the Roman Empire came about and ended up with the first Roman Emperor Augustus in power. The character that plays the role of Augustus in this epic poem is Aeneas however the role portrayed in this story by Aeneas is not as heroic as Augustus was in the Roman Empire. In The Aeneas everything is “destined” to lead to the ruling of Aeneas in this great empire as Augustus did during the Golden Age of the Roman Empire. In the story being told there is the constant reminder that the rise of a great empire will always take place after achievements which come with great cost. Although the rise of the Roman Empire is destined by fate in this story Juno, the Queen of Gods is determined to stop this from happening. Throughout this story Juno is unwilling to accept Aeneas’ fate she is in denial of the failure that she will face, abuses her power in order to create great chaos, however she causes disruption in the…

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