The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn By Mark Twain Essay example

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Mark Twains’ novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn tells the story of a young boy in search of freedom. Huck is been forced to live a life that is unpleasant and painful. He feels very confined living the civilized lifestyle and scared of his hash past lifestyle. When Huck can no long bare his lifestyles, he decides to run away from the past to find freedom in the future. Huck goes through great lengths in order disappear without leaving a trace. In the seventh chapter of the novel Huck describes how he executed the plan to run away from home. The seventh chapter begins the morning after Huck’s father attacked him in the night. His farther had a hangover and could not remember anything that had happened. When Pap asked why he was holding the gun Huck lies and tells him someone tried to break into the cabin. They argue for a second because Huck did not wake him and then go outside to catch fish for breakfast. While looking for fish Huck finds a canoe coming down the bank. When Huck catches the canoe, he thinks about telling his father but then realizes it can be used it to escape. Huck took so long hiding the canoe Pap hits him for being gone too long. Once again, Huck lies and tells his father that he fell in the river. After breakfast, Huck comes up with a plan to get away from Pap and Widow Douglas for good. After they finished dinner, Pap goes to town to sell the logs they caught earlier that day. Huck knew that Pap would not be home until the morning. He…

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