Huckleberry Finn Transformation

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In “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” the main character Huckleberry Finn is given a voice to the readers where he narrates the story from his own perspective. Throughout the novel, we can see some of the adventurous, scary, terrible, and sometimes tragic things that happened to Huck. It is no surprise that he acts irresponsibly, considering that he is only a child and these bad circumstances happened to him. However, as he strays away from the people that he knows, Huck is given time on his own to think about life choices by himself using his own past to aid in making decisions. He shows growth and maturity the more time he spends on his own with fellow companion Jim, an escaping slave. Huck is shown to be a follower when it comes to his …show more content…
The main reason why he left, however, was because of his abusive father’s return. His father, referred to as ‘Pap,’ showed up drunk and demanded Huck’s money to be given to him. It is revealed after his arrival, but also obvious, that Pap had abused Huck in the past. Before Huck ran away, his father kidnapped him and locked him inside a cabin by a river. In the cabin, Pap is shown to be hostile to Huck; he returns to the cabin drunk and beats Huck frequently. Huck describes one of the encounters: “By-and-by he rolled out and jumped up on his feet looking wild and he see me and went for me.” (35). When Huck fears that Pap could soon actually kill him, he fakes his death and plans his escape by taking his father’s canoe down the river to Jackson’s Island. Considering all that has happened to Huck, this was likely why he does not seem to think for himself and why he decided to follow along with Tom. Huck was traumatized by the abuse of his father and had no courage to think for himself. After discovering the treasure with Tom, an elderly woman called Widow Douglas took in Huck and attempted to ‘civilize’ him. She did not allow him to smoke, even though he would still do it, and tried to raise him like any other child should be raised. Huck had proved to be stubborn when it came to Widow Douglas trying to raise him; all of the time he spent with Tom heavily

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