The Advantages Of Painless Dent Removal

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In reality, paintless dent removal (PDR) is an industry-recognized repair process. This means that many car manufacturers not only endorse it, but they do it themselves for existing customers or when they want to resell a car. That's because it is the only dent removal practice that maintains the original surface and finish without any cracking, chipping, or need for repainting.

Most insurance companies also recognize the value of paintless dent repair, and will even recommend it to clients who file a claim for minor body damage caused by small dents or dings. Because it costs up to 70 percent less than repairs at a traditional auto paint and body shop, PDR helps insurance companies to keep their own premium costs down. In some cases, the savings are so great that insurance companies might even wave a deductible for a car owner who chooses PDR over traditional body repairs.
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While cars, trucks, or SUVs with extensive damage might require you to file a claim, the low costs of painless dent repair means that it often comes in at less than what you might be expected to pay for a deductible - not to mention your increased rates once the insurance claim has been filed.

Most people and insurance companies also appreciate how quick paintless dent removal is - particularly when the services are mobile and come to your home or office. In most cases, the repairs can be completed and the vehicle ready to drive within one or two hours. This means there is no need for a rental car, alternate transportation, or lengthy waiting periods that often make the repair process a hassle for individuals on both sides of the insurance

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