Mediating Employment Disputes

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The Advantages of Mediating Employment Disputes

Employment disputes are inevitable in any business. Common employment disputes involve wrongful termination claims, discrimination and harassment allegations, and conflict between employees. These disputes are damaging to the business and the employee alike. By mediating employment disputes, however, the parties resolve the issues in a private, more efficient manner. Mediating employment disputes provides a number of advantages that the courtroom cannot provide.

The goal of mediation is to settle a case.
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In some cases, a business shuts down because it cannot recover from the damage it has suffered in these disputes. Resolving employment disputes, such as sexual harassment allegations discrimination claims, in a prompt and efficient manner is key to the continued success of a business. There are a number of methods that may be used in resolving employment disputes.

First, every business should have a detailed plan in place for handling disputes. Every employee should know how to report an incident, and the business should implement an open door policy for receiving these reports. To reduce the risk of discrimination claims, any disciplinary action must be applied equally to all employees.

Once the managers or owners have been notified that an employment dispute has occurred, a meeting should be immediately scheduled with the disgruntled employees. These disputes often escalate when the employees feel as though management is ignoring their claims, so taking prompt action is key. In many cases, the dispute may be the result of a simple
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For example, the partners may agree that, before any litigation is filed, they will schedule mediation to attempt to settle their dispute.

Throughout the course of the business relationship, the partners should make sure that they communicate regularly about the daily operations of the company. A major cause for many disputes is a lack of communication or a misperception of one’s actions. By keeping in touch with each other regularly and discussing the inner workings of the business, the partners are more likely to avoid conflict.

Additionally, when the partners do disagree, they should meet with each other with their notes and other documents that support their positions. Perhaps one partner thinks an investment is a great idea, whereas the other partner does not. By comparing data, the partners are more likely to understand each other’s arguments and work out the

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