The Adult World Vs. Adolescence Essay

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Comparison of the Adult World vs. Adolescence in Alice in Wonderland
White, Jewels. “Adult Realm V. Childhood: A Critical Examination of the Victorian Realm’s
Ideal Young Adult.” The Review: A Journal of Undergraduate Student Research 14 (2013): 38-48. Web. 16 Mar. 2016. This article is an analytical analysis on the novel, Alice in Wonderland, and how the story represents an ideal Victorian youth, but with clash of culture and changing time, basic beliefs and morals begin to shift. First, the author begins with the first element of the story; Alice falling down the rabbit hole. Initially, this is where Alice begins her adventure and rejects the the adult realm. With her Victorian values, customs, and morals, she is stressed to be exposed to a new world. Next, the author begins analyzing Wonderland; Alice cannot seem to grasp the reality of it. Because of the new culture, the new world, she cannot seem to find the correct function of Wonderland. Alice must now find a way to reevaluate herself. She is experiencing superiority between the characters; she learns about the aspects of an upper-class adult world. Finally, Jewels goes in depth how these factors lead up to Alice questioning her adolescence. For instance, Alice is now confused, lowered by the environment of Wonderland. The morals, time, and teachings are everything that makes her challenge her own knowledge. This article is effective to use because the way the author pointed important factors from the novel. The…

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