Essay on The Act Of Killing Is Not Justified

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Throughout history have people been slain by their own brethren for reasons of jealousy, anger and distrust, and even for self-satisfaction. Time and time again has the act of murder been identified either as a justified reason, or classified as senseless, cold, and unreasonable killing by the masses. The act of killing is not justified. In the story of “Just Lather, That’s all”, the protagonist of the story, the barber is faced with a, rather menacing decision that will affect his life forever. As a rebel, the barber is given the mission of assassinating the enemy of their cause: Captain Torres. The barber, having the latter within his barber shop is given a golden opportunity to kill an unarmed and unsuspecting Captain Torres. These concepts suggest to the mind that the barber will be a hero if he slain Captain Torres. However, three contradictions leads to the result that the barber will be a sinner. The barber will bring dishonor to his position as a barber by spewing bloodshed on an unequipped man. After the murder, the barber will have to face the fact that he will abandon everything that he thought he knew and will live on a life of taking refuge. And even with the death of Captain Torres, the cycle of life and death will continue, therefore there will be no reason to kill Captain Torres in the first place.

Primarily, the reason why the barber would be viewed as only a murderer from society, is because by assassinating Captain Torres when most unthinkable and when…

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