`` The Ache `` : A Romantic Tale Of Loss And Yearning Essay

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Every day, we come across love in our culture. We are surrounded by it. It is in our movies, novels, poems, and they all celebrate it as if it is all that we need. We have come to expect love to be the cure-all for all of our life’s problems, which often leads to our relationships suffering. The three short stories, “That Color” by Jon McGregor, “Reunion” by Edward Mullany, and “The Ache” by Elena Bossi, all tell the same story: love is not enough. There are other aspects of relationships that are just as, if not more important than love; things like understanding, compassion, and respect. And the success of our relationships hinges on these deeper and more important values. The story of “The Ache” tells a romantic tale of loss and yearning. The protagonist is an older man who watches a young boy clean windows as the boy waits for a girl that he wants to embrace. The boy’s naive love reminds the man of his own love towards his wife, that has dwindled “like a big catch cooked on a slow fire”. We know that the man is old by the way author describes his vertebrae—“…which are flattened by the weight he’s accumulated over recent years”. He loved his wife, he thought “he wouldn’t be able to live without her, that he owes her his life and everything he has”. But the author makes it apparent that love is no longer there. Even the pain itself is a metaphor for the loss of love and passion he had for his wife. We can deduce this from the story by looking at how the man does not…

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