The Accomplishment Of One 's Goals Essay

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Success can be defined as “the accomplishment of one’s goals,” according to Most commonly, this definition varies from person to person, depending on many factors. Does one’s wealth determine success, or does it matter how one became successful? Does everyone feel success at some point in their lives, or are some obstacles too substantial to overcome in order to achieve it? In this chapter of “Money and Success,” these questions are answered with four different essays that discuss the idea of success and opportunity for the individual person. In regards to the topic, I didn’t have much of an opinion prior to reading any of these essays other than thinking that everyone has the opportunity to create their own success. I believe Chapter 4, “Money and Success,” discredits the American Dream after analyzing evidence that, as Rush Limbaugh claims, robs people of the ability to see opportunities in front of them, shows the ways the system is rigged, and undermines the work ethic of American college students.
In the most vivid essay of them all, Barbara Ehrenreich’s “Serving in Florida” takes on an experiment by transitioning from the wealthy class and taking a step into the working class in an attempt to write about the working class and their efforts. This step is more of a leap as she works and lives as someone would if they were in the working class. She begins her experience by describing her work environment as “a fat person’s hell” in order to show the…

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