The Abuse Of Women Worldwide And Authorities Essay

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The Abuse of Women Worldwide and Authorities’ Failure to Bring it to an End

Although countless women have worked hard for equality, few are successful because they do not receive the assistance from authorities that they deserve. Gayle Tzemach Lemmon is a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations and the author of a New York Times best seller. As Lemmon states in her article, “What’s at Stake for Afghan Women”, “As these women push forward they bring others with them and bolster families’ prospects in the process. But their advancement takes time” (n.p.). The extent of the issue and people’s views on violence against women contributes to the problem. Many women do not report abuse because they believe others just don’t care or take notice of it. When they do, law enforcement and other officials have repeatedly responded poorly, discouraging victims from seeking help. In many cases, the abused are often returned to the abuser. On occasion, police have even responded to accusations with more abuse. This is not something that happens only to “other people” or in “those families.” Chances are, someone we know has been, is, or will be a victim. It is essential for women to live without the fear that, given they go to the police to report possible abuse, they will not be turned away, reabused by those they are seeking help from, or are returned to the abuser(s). If these poor responses, or lack thereof, continue, we can count on a future with little to no human rights or…

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