The Absolute Beauty Of The Internet Essay

1336 Words Nov 30th, 2016 6 Pages
The absolute beauty of the Internet is the power it has to report on new findings almost instantly. What is even more incredible, is how the Internet allows old versions of news to stay current, for example, the newspaper. The New York Times does a fine job of allowing all different types of articles to be printed, especially since their motto is, “All the News That’s Fit to Print.” The New York Times has such great diversity through the fact that the paper will print articles about Business, Theater, Real Estate and even Golf. This paper has no limits when it comes to reporting about any and all information. Just like a normal paper, the New York Times will report on subjects like Business. Strangely enough the New York Times finds way to create a connection between business, nutrition, and gardening. Most of the time one would assume that these three subject areas are very different ends on the spectrum of reading. Yet, this newspaper finds a way to connect different parts of the paper. For something that seems so complicated, the paper finds it quite easy to catch the attention of various different groups of readers. The article finds a way to connect the people by asking questions like, “If a fruit or vegetable isn’t grown in dirt, can it be organic?” (qdt Stephanie Strom). Right away, this paper decided to grab the attention of gardeners and nutritionists alike. Immediately, the article starts with a strong confusing accusation that has the allure to force most…

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