The Abolition Of Slavery By The Fourteenth Amendment Essay

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There were multiple things that went right throughout the Reconstruction process. For instance, the abolishment of slavery by the Thirteenth Amendment is a HUGE victory coming out of the Civil War (Schultz, pg.291). This would change the way African American’s live their lives in the United States forever. Another big victory was the passing of the Civil Rights Act, which provided individuals with the protection of the law (Schultz, pg.295). Allowing them to hold property, enforce contracts and to sue or be sued in a court system (Schultz, pg.295). Despite President Johnson’s push to veto the Act it was the first law ever to be passed over a presidential veto (Schultz, pg.295). Along with this the instatement of the Fourteenth Amendment was great in the rebuilding process. Essentially this granted anyone who was born or naturalized in the United States the rights to citizenship (Schultz, pg.296). Another great law that came during this period was the Fifteenth Amendment in which no state was allowed to deny a citizen the right to vote based on race, color, or previous condition of servitude (Schultz, pg.298). This was huge as now black males were allowed the right to vote!

Unfortunately, in my opinion more things went wrong during the Reconstruction period than right. To begin with after the election of Andrew Johnson as President he granted any confederate planter/elite a pardon if they came to him directly (Schultz, pg.294). As he was fulfilling a desire to fit in with…

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