Essay The 21st Century : The Beginning Of New Beginnings

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21st century is known to be the start of new beginnings. It was that generation where machineries evolve the economics and social life of the human beings: from traveling to one place to another, a click of a button for communication, and to sending news to the residents of the world. But, as the year progress the mortals abused the capability of these machines. One of the problems is how they report news and how they edit stuff to create news and spread rumors. Can news reporters be fully trusted? The history of journalism is when the development of transmitting news change dramatically. The first newspaper was published in 17th century, then entering 18th century was magazines, following it with television and radio on 20th century and in late 20th century Internet was introduced.
American journalism was first introduced in Boston in the year 1690, through the publication, “Publick Occurrences, Both Foreign and Domestick,” where it drew a lot of criticism about the government during the colonial times. Journalism was first used in the states for a key support to the political element. But, as the decade change, information put on the paper also change from politics, economics, to gossip and scandals of celebrities whether it be their

private and public life. On top of that, having possession of this news gradually transform from the handwritten newspaper, typed information on the news delivering houses to houses, to the home net where news are uploaded online to be…

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