The 1939 Screen Adaptation Of Emily Bronte 's Wuthering Heights

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The 1939 screen adaptation of Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights, produced by Samuel Goldwyn and directed by William Wyler, tells the story of two troubled souls destined for a life of failed happily ever after. The story opens with Mr. Lockwood, the new garage tenant, appearing at Wuthering Heights to take Shelter from a storm. While there, he encounters the haunting spirit of Cathy, calling out to her love, Heathcliff. Unnerved, Mr. Lockwood tells his tale to Ellen, the housekeeper, who then recounts the story of the ill-fated lovers. Heathcliff, an orphan boy, is taken in by the father of Cathy and Hindley Earnshaw while on a business trip to Liverpool. Cathy has formed a strong bond with the filthy, young charge; however, Hindley resents the interloper and abuses this drifter at every opportunity. After the death of the Earnshaw patriarch, Hindley becomes the master of the home and relegates Heathcliff to a stable boy. Because of this, Heathcliff vows revenge for the years of mistreatment. Over the years, the connection and deep love between Cathy and Heathcliff grows. Nevertheless, Cathy is torn between true love, and the desire to become one of society’s sweethearts. After a series of missed opportunities, Cathy eventually marries the wealthy Edgar Linton, son of a judge, and drives Heathcliff from the only home he’s known. The years of rejection and tortured love fuels Heathcliff’s desire for vengeance, and upon his return, Heathcliff, purchases Wuthering Heights out…

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