Tft2 Task 4 Essay

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TFT2 Cyber Law Task 4
Jordan Dombrowski
Western Governors University

Situation Report
It has come to my attention from the security analysts of VL Bank and victims that commercial customers of VL Bank have been involved in identity theft and fraud. Multiple user accounts were created without authorization claiming the identity of our customers. These fake accounts were used to make twenty-nine transfers of $10,000 each, equaling $290,000. The bank transfers were being sent to several U.S. bank accounts of unknown individuals. The U.S. banks involved in the transfers were Bank A in California, Bank B in New York, Bank C in Texas, and Bank D in Florida. After the funds were transferred to one of these banks, the funds were
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C. Section 1030(e)(11) (Akerman, 2010) In preparing for evidence for legal consideration under the CFAA that VL Bank will need to provide law enforcement and attorneys proving that some individuals had “exceeded authorized access”, VL Bank “should be prepared to present evidence showing (a) how the person’s authority to obtain or alter information on the computer was limited, rather than absolute, and (b) how the person exceeded the limitations in obtaining or altering the information.” (, 2015) To provide the evidence to the FBI that the customers personal banking information was protected and limited under VL Bank’s policies and security requirements, would be to provide VL Banks current security policies of customers using multifactor authentication with digital certificates to access customer personal bank accounts remotely, provide the legal agreement paperwork that the customer agreed to, and to provide the digital logs from VL Banks servers and the customers personal computer. To provide the evidence of the perpetrator exceeding the limitations of obtaining the customers banking information would be the

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