Texas 's Take On Gay Rights Essay

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A topic debated about but not publicized as often as it should be is Texas ' take on gay rights. A decade ago gay marriage was a complete abomination to the face of America, now only thirteen states are left that have not yet recognized gay marriage, including Texas. The subject matter of same-sex marriage has been a game of hot potato in Texas politics, repeatedly passing and repealing laws regarding the rights of homosexuals. For centuries, the view of gay marriage has been disapproved by many, mostly because it is taken from the perspective of religion as going against the way of God, who created marriage only for man and woman. The issue is heavily involved with the people of Texas and their beliefs, politics just is in charge of the choice to make it legal or illegal. In recent years, active members of the LGBTQ community are opening up about their preferences regarding their sexuality and it has sparked a movement to finally legalize the right to marry with support from those who also share the same preferences and by those who are of the heterosexual community.
Gays have been forced to oppress their freedom of practicing what they believe in and what they feel for years because there is a fear of being judged and harmed by others who do not understand or disapprove the way they are. Members of the LGBTQ community hid from loved ones, cowered from society, and put on a costume in order to avoid all possibility of someone finding out the truth and exposing them for who…

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