Texas V. Johnson Case Analysis Essay

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Lladnar Thompson
Texas v. Johnson
Dr. Vinning POLS

In order to further explore the case Texas v. Johnson one must first understand the foundations behind iconic symbols like the flag, as well as the basics meaning in general as it pertains to modern society for all cultures. The nature of the flag holds power by its iconic representation and can have many states of meaning. One meaning in a flag raising ritual can be an “emotional disposition to act in Submission / or an empathy response ”(Shanafelt). A second can be a Display from a higher rank in raised posture, charging with aggressive vocalization to display in the sense of dominance. One of the most iconic, is the representation of the United country of freedom and fallen soldiers who fought for that freedom. It is human nature for a person to take pride in the national flag of their country especially those who serve to protect freedom and liberties. However long years of history are often represented in flags and many times meanings can trigger opposition.

In the wake of all the protest we are seeing emerging around the world, the first amendment has been one of the leading amendments used in society today for the sole purpose of freedom of speech. Many different genders and ethnicities express their feelings and beliefs through their right to have freedom of speech and occasionally flag burning is a key tactic to voice an issue of concern. This paper will review research to present the actors and…

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