Essay on Tesla Analysis : Tesla Motors

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Tesla Motors is a company that designs, develops and manufacturer’s electric vehiclesalong with advanced powertrains and electric components. Tesla is a pioneer of electric technologies for cars as well. The company also owns their own service centers and supercharges stations. In addition to electric car manufacturing, the organization has designed and developed electric components for other car manufacturers. For example, Daimler AG, also known as Mercedes Benz, purchased electric methodologies for its sub-compact model the “Smart Car.” Tesla also develops charging technologies for home application. The company currently has two models in production, the Tesla Roadster a two door sports car and the Model S, the companies benchmark five passenger four door sedan. Tesla also recently revealed a prototype of its Model X, an all-electric crossover vehicle with cutting edge technologies, such as a dual motor--all-wheel drive system.
Tesla’s background in innovation can be traced back to its original visionary, Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) forging a legacy that continues to fascinate legions of fans. (Hintz, 2014) Tesla’s car emblemcan be seen on the hoods of its cars with a (T). This is the original,official unit of measurement for magnetic field strength. Unfortunately, Nickola Tesla the inventor was riddled with failures, some of it due to his eccentric values and conflicts with Henry Ford. Today, Tesla motors continue to focus on innovation that is still in line with the vision…

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