Essay about Tesco : A Large And A Global Supermarket

1998 Words Jan 6th, 2016 8 Pages
The large-scale company I have chosen is Tesco because it is a large and a global supermarket. It is categorized as a large-scale business as it has over 472,000 employees worldwide. Tesco has spent over £34.6m on TV and internet advertising. This gives it a massive boost on sales figures because it reaches out to a wider range of customers not just locally but nationally and internationally. I have chosen Tesco because I want to find out how they promote themselves and if they do any similar pricing and promotion strategies like the small businesses. The two small- scale businesses I have chosen are Tennessee Express and Pineapple Pizza because they are local and I regularly shop there. These two businesses are categorized as a small business because they have 10 stores and under 50 employees.
For this investigation I have carried out both primary and secondary research. Primary research is when research is carried out first hand and is collected by a specific person to meet a need. For example, data were gathered using questionnaires and interviews. I carried out questionnaires on the customers of Tesco. An advantage of using primary research is that it has given me accurately and up to date results; however, a disadvantage is that it was very time- consuming. Results from the questionnaires helped me find out what kind of pricing strategies the customers prefer. It also revealed what they thought of the promotion strategies Tesco engages in. Additionally, I conducted…

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