Arguments Against Terrorist Recruitment

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Case Analysis Behind Terrorist Recruitment
Terrorism is a serious problem in the current global community with increased cases witnessed recently. The issue affects many nations all over the world whether directly or indirectly. Most governments oppose terrorism, but a few groups of people including leaders in different countries condone and support active terrorism and terrorist groups. According to Miller (2013), terrorism is the illegal use of power and violence against people or property to threaten and coerce a government, the civilian population among other groups to pursue political or social objectives. The increased cases of terrorism globally show that many people including youths are being recruited in the terrorist groups to fulfill
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I decided to stop being a member of the terrorist group after realizing the atrocities that are associated with terrorism. According to Newton (2015), creating awareness of the effects of terrorism, presenting it as illegal and inhumane, and developing counterterrorism strategies are methods that have reduced the number of terrorist recruitment on a significant level. Therefore, increased awareness of the violence associated with terrorism facilitates loss of group enrollment
In conclusion, there has been an increase in the number of terrorist activities, which is related to increased recruitment of members. Factors leading to recruitment include economic and political factors such as reducing poverty and the belief of fighting for the greater good of the country. Further, the religion and sense of belonging keep the members engaged in the groups’ activities. Loss of group enrollment among terrorists occurs because of the realization that terrorism is unnecessary and contributes to violence and loss of innocent lives. Governments should emphasize on the effects of terrorism and the facts and reasons for the activities conducted to help deter the recruitment of

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